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These tools are free for you to use.

Get It Now  Motivation Checklist-it is $0. 

Without motivation you are doomed to failure. It goes hand in hand with MINDSET

Are you a procrastinator, disorganised, or just overwhelmed? Or are you attempting something new and getting a bit lost? 


This checklist is beautifully designed and suitable to frame and decorate a wall. It is in pdf form. It is suitable to give as a  gift on fine quality paper and it will prompt you and your family on the steps to keep motivated, no matter what the task is. All members of your family can benefit from these steps, as well as independent singles. 


How Can I Get Rich?

This step by step 22 page guide is based on research of wealthy icons, asking why some people get wealthy and the steps to take to get rich. 

You will gain a greater understanding of your mindset compared to the habits, attitudes, and practices of the rich. 

This ebook is informative, easy to read and full of practical insights and steps that can be easily followed by those wanting to become rich.

Grow Your Instagram

If you want your Instagram to grow in an honest and authentic way, with an engaged audience ready to buy, this FREE ebook will take you there step by step.

#instagram #instagramfreeebook #targetedaudience #conversions #InstagramBusiness 

*Beautiful free images delivered to your inbox each month.

550+ free images, covering all niches, plus more in your inbox delivered monthly. The images are stunning and I am getting good shares on Pinterest, using her images. 

Kayla also provides great marketing tips, and free courses in areas, such as design, Instagram, blogging!

*Become an affiliate with They have free PLR products too!

*Tailwind Tribes are free to use! Join Tailwind for one month for free then sign up to Tailwind Tribes. You can sign up here.

 I have a list of tribes you can join here 
Each name is a link that you can use to join. 

Free Logo Maker

Love this space! Read all about it here 

Big Guest Posting

*A great information post on Guest Posting and how you can get all the information for free. See all the information here.

Free On-page SEO checklist

Get your on-page SEO perfect with this free checklist

Free Directory Submission Sites 

                                                     Find sites that align with your niche.

If you're not sure what free directory submission sites are, or how to join,  you can find out here.

Become an affiliate

*If you are looking for an affiliate program to join, Sharesale is huge so you have lots of choices within your niche. I found them great to work with!

More helpful  links: a must for making images for all social media and digital products for business a community where you can show your authority by answering questions on a topic you have as your expertise. 

You are not allowed to spam, but you can point to a post if it is relevant. However, you can add your link to your profile and most popular post. 

The "more" link leads to additional popular blog posts and social media profiles.  

CamStudio  free download to use to record to record screen and audio activity and create video files.

Audacity  free download where you can record and edit audio files.  free host for your digital or physical products. Simple interface, easy to use.

GIMP  free download is a free alternative to Photoshop great selection of free images to use for your own image making.

Creative Market Free Goods for free weekly fonts, graphics, templates and photos. Highly recommended.

Ubersuggest ,   free keyword searches  find out your page and domain authority. 

You have 28 tools to check on your seo of your website. Very interesting tool and a good learning experience for you. 

Uses Chrome browser.

Tailwind Publisher- free download on Chrome. Makes pinning from Tailwind to Pinterest easy and quick.  HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox, Chrome, and Opera extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure. Over 800,000 digital products to use. Scroll to the bottom of the page to freebies, click and then sign up to free account.  If you like lovely share buttons, get them here.

  I have the floating buttons and the button with + gives you the option of sharing to a whole host of other sites. 

It is not a plug-in so can be used on hosting platforms, such as Blogger.

It also has other free tools for you-follow buttons,  tools for link promotion, related posts, growing your email lists, collecting donations for your website and analytics based on your shared buttons and website. 

 All are free.

If you want more tips and tools in your inbox weekly, I have some great ideas waiting for you so use this opportunity to get them here

Get tips and tools that help overcome your struggles and help grow your business faster.

Please comment or share!

*I am an affiliate for a small selection of the above-named tools.


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  3. Just found this AI tool called Ink for All. Would be interested in hearing about what you think about INK, if possible.


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