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Tailwind Tribes to Join


Tailwind Tribes to  Join

I want to provide some Tailwind Tribes for you to join so that you can focus on getting your pins shared and repinned, as soon as possible.

In the blogging world, people will expound on the virtues of whatever they use, so I did believe them but I only realised how powerful they were when the weekly statistics came rolling in.

I spent some time on Boardbooster as an experiment but I went back to Tailwind as I felt the results were much better, and quicker with Tailwind. 

Tailwind Tribes were a great boost to getting my pins shared and repinned within their Pinterest followers and increasing my followers.

Tailwind Tribes is a great opportunity to grow your followers as the more you repin their pins, the more followers and repins you get. 

I noticed that there is great benefit in focusing on repinning other's pins as I always had better growth when I shared others' pins more often than my own.

The layout of each tribe makes it easy to see who has shared your post, how many times your pins have been shared and repinned, both in Tailwind Tribes and in Pinterest. 

Each of your pins has the logo of the person who shared your pin and each pin has a Tailwind logo with the total number of shares in Pinterest. 

This is great as Pinterest has taken the number of pin shares off pins.

 You can also communicate easily with sharers and Tailwind Tribes makes it easy for you to thank them for the shares.

 I use the Tailwind icon and make a Tailwind sharing board on Pinterest so it makes filling my queues easy. 

 You can choose to leave your pins in Drafts and then pin them to Tailwind Tribes later. This feature (Tailwind icon) is only available on Chrome.

Tailwind Tribes weekly statistics

These results are pretty impressive, considering I have only been on Tailwind for months (spent some time on Boardbooster for comparison purposes ).

Note: when I joined late last year, I was able to join 14 groups. This has now been changed to 10 tribes, if you pay monthly.  

Tailwind Tribes to join, in Categories

Blogging Only

Bloggers Chalkboard
Blogging Resources
Profitable Blogging Tips

All Niches

Bloggers Unite Tribe 
Blogging Friends
Her Paper Route Hive
Blogging and Entrepreneurship
Striving Bloggers
Team Work Pinning
Share All Your Pins
Chic Sisters
Blogging Creatives
Pinterest Friends

Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness

Inspired and Mindful Living

I hope you find this post useful. If you are interested in joining Tailwind (first month free), you can do so here.

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