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8 Ways to Drive Even More Sales Through Instagram

  There are 8 Ways to Drive Even More Sales Through Instagram    Instagram can be hugely successful in driving traffic that converts to sales. So today I want to offer 8 means to enhance your Instagram Account naturally and also drive more website traffic to your Email List/ Products. 1) Make Your Name SEO Friendly Keep your username whatever you'd like, but when it involves your name   (the bold text right above your bio) change it to something that clearly describes the objective of your page. Examples Affiliate Advertising And Marketing Tips Hairdresser Extraordinaire Retirement Income Methods ... whatever describes you the best. 2) Keep Your Bio Short, Sweet, & Precise Don't feel the need to overload it with emojis or give yourself a dozen titles: For example: " I help complete beginners make money online with affiliate marketing." A simple tagline to describe your business. 3) Use a Preset Filter On Your Images This will help you keep your page consistent wit
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8 Awesome Search Engine Optimization Methods to increase your Traffic

SEO TIPS  8 Helpful tips for search engine optimization methods to increase traffic Today I am going to share some great tips from   Red website  by providing a summary of their main points.  They will help increase internet search engine traffic to your website or blog site. They also help understand how to use SEO to increase your natural ranking on internet search engines. Summary of  SEO methods that will increase your traffic: Maintain consistent blog posts with excellent content. Regularly create great blog web content that individuals naturally intend to link to. It is the most effective way to naturally generate inbound links. This is a no-brainer actually for those bloggers who are want to develop their authority in their chosen niche and aim to make an income from their blog. Create compelling infographics. Individuals love infographics and they will share an initial infographic that you have actually designed, thereby producing a weblink back to you. You can create infog

How to use PLR successfully

Are you wondering how to monetize PLR successfully? You may be a blogger, an affiliate, or a product creator and you want to know the best ways to monetize PLR.  You may not be sure of exactly what it is and there are differences in PLR licenses. When you purchase PLR, the original creator gives you permission to modify or sell the content or product as if it's your own product. You claim authorship of the PLR, unlike RR and MRR where you are not allowed to modify content or claim authorship.  Private label content comes in many different forms. such as eBooks, reports, and articles, to complete “business in a box” packages that include sales pages, articles, reports, banners,  lead magnets, and other backend products. PLR is much cheaper than hiring expensive writers in your niche so it is a great option for you. Limitations of PLR content You need to check if the content you have purchased has limitations to its use. The three different types of PLR licenses are: Personal PLR -yo

SEO: How to optimise your blog with SEO training

Why is SEO important? SEO  helps optimize your website, therefore, increasing your website ranking and a higher probability of getting seen in web searches.  It is complex and ruled by complex algorithms.  It ultimately helps your website get visitors once you have developed and improved your website's authority . This means that you do not have to rely solely on paid advertising and lots of blog post promotions as Google will help you if your website aligns with good SEO practices.  There are many things to learn about SEO and plug-ins alone do not cover all of SEO.  I have a post on On-page SEO, The Ultimate Checklist For The Perfect Post If you're too busy to read, then you can access a free on-page SEO checklist here. The Ultimate Checklist for the Perfect Post How do I learn about SEO? Many bloggers learn SEO as they learn the nuances of blogging.  They get snippets of knowledge here and there as they read other bloggers' posts or read articles from respected professio

How to communicate effectively in business and life.

  The skill of communicating effectively in business and life is vital in order to be successful. Why is effective communication important? Words are given life by the perception of others and often two people can have two differing understandings of someone's words and the meaning they wished to convey. In business, teams cannot be successful if they do not understand each other. They need to understand the expectations and the directions given to them. As a teacher, I am on both ends of the spectrum as I need to help my students understand my communication, as well as listening to their communication.  As a staff member, I need to practice the rules of effective communication in order to work well with others. And the truth is that it is easier to work with some than with others as we have different personalities that can co-operate seamlessly with some staff but not necessarily with other staff.  When I worked in a room with 2 or 3 other staff, with different levels of understan

How do you build a long term sustainable business?

  How do you build a long term sustainable business? What strategy will build a long term business? Do you want to keep promoting random products? Each time you make a sale, you have to start again? Affiliate marketing can feel like chasing your tail if you are promoting for small commissions and not having access to subscriber emails.   Or you can do it the smart way. How to build a long term sustainable business from the start with affiliate marketing. Yes, you need to do it the right way from the start. 1. Pick a niche. Proven niches are wealth, health, and relationships. The narrower you niche down, the better chances of success as you provide value to a very targeted audience.  The audience will stay with you longer compared to someone who promotes unrelated products in the same overall niche. I  recommend the wealth niche as it has a great variety of sub-niches and tools that you can promote. But, in the end, it will depend on your interests too.  2. Become an affiliate of multip

The Easiest Way To Make Money With Amazon

The easiest way to make money with Amazon Did you know the easiest way to make money on Amazon? I'm actually going to tell you how you can make money by leveraging Amazon and its amazing traffic rather than directing you to be an independent supplier and shopowner on Amazon. There are those who do make good money with FBA, dropshipping, print on demand products, and other methods connected to Amazon. But the reality is that Amazon is really a logistical nightmare for a newbie.  If I can show you how you can make the same profits as a storeowner but without the headaches of looking for and adding new products, dropshipping tasks, monthly costs, taking money, customer service, deliveries, price wars, refunds, long hours, you may like to continue reading this post. There is a lot of organisation involved in building a store on Amazon and, for most people, there is not a lot of money to be made.  For instance, you may be required to buy in bulk to satisfy customers' orders promptly