Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Helping Others with Free Marketing Tips and Tools Resource Page

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I have compiled a page of tips and free tools that you can use online. I can help others in reaching their goals because of the help I have had from others in the online community. I will name two marketers who are wonderful examples of this tradition- Fred Lam (Facebook/Shopify marketer extraordinaire) and Marian (Marian's IM Tips). The value they give to others with their free tips is nothing short of amazing. At the beginning of one's journey, either blogging or working online in marketing, you simply don't know enough to be of great service to others and give a load of freebies. So you need time to follow the influencers ie. after you have worked out who the influencers are! You get good advice- and you get bad advice- and sometimes you just get overwhelmed with offers and advice. The white noise is deafening so you have to start culling your engagement.  Personally, I hate it when I sign up with someone to get something that looks like a good offer and I get barraged with their affiliate offers in their next email. Please, let me get to know you first before we get married. I do understand that we have to make a living so you will present me with affiliate offers but date me first. So now that I have more 'kudos' about working online as a blogger and as a marketer, I am now sharing some tips and tools with you. They are freebies that I have found useful or have developed myself for you to use. They are free to use. You can bookmark the page so it is easy for you to find! As a blogger, I initially blogged about Health and Wellness but decided to blog about marketing as I thought it was a good way for me to grow my knowledge about online marketing strategies. I find that some aspects of Health and Wellness are vital to bloggers and marketers, namely motivation, self-care, thankfulness or gratitude (attitude) and mindset. If you don't pay attention to these factors, it reflects in your health and success in your work online. So I find the blend of the two themes for my blogs to have been beneficial to me. PS: I am a work in progress. I know much more than I did a few years ago and am willing to share this with you, but less than those who have been at it for, let's say 20 years. But I love that I am still learning. I am happy to share my new learnings with you. For those of you who would like to have more tips and tools, I have so much to offer you. Often, we tend to get in a cycle of better-known strategies that everyone uses, and it is good to know other strategies that the influencers use, as well. If you do want more strategies, tips and tools, you have the opportunity when you visit this page to get them! Find the free tips and tools at this page. Hot Marketing Tips and Tools Is Your Health Your Wealth? Pinterest
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Sunday, 17 February 2019

Is Your Website Easy To Use?

Is your website easy to use?

You need to know how easy your website is to use because the easier it is to use, the more subscribers and sales you will get.

Do this quiz and find out how your site measures up, and how you can improve it.

The quiz covers the basics any website needs to have in order to function effectively.

Here you go-time to do the quiz.!

The quiz

Well, how did you go?

Was there something you need to do to get your website user-friendly?

Hope you enjoyed this fun quiz! If you did, share it or leave a  comment below.

Don't forget to visit my FREE TOOLS page- no subscription needed. Just bookmark the page and visit whenever you want!

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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

How to deliver an opt-in offer the easy way?

How to deliver an optin offer the easy way?

Which hosting platform can I use to get started to delivering my opt-in offers?

When I started making printables and freebies, I was looking for a host to deliver the freebies for my opt-ins.

I really didn't want to get into some of the recommended delivery services that are being touted on Pinterest, as they have a monthly fee and I had no idea as to how sales would go.

 I had not built up a customer base and I wanted to deliver freebies also, which would not bring in any income in the short term.

Also, two of my blogs are on Blogger and it does not integrate with email platforms.

However, I came across a delivery platform that may help you with your deliveries. I am currently using Chec.io and you can deliver your freebies free of any charges.

You can store single items ready for delivery or you can have a store with related items.

It won't be fancy-very plain, but it is easy to use for delivering the downloads.

They charge you once you have made $200 in purchases.

 So you can use it for free for products that bring you an income until you reach the $200 threshold. 

They will charge you 3% of your takings (one of my platforms charges 90%!!!). 

Then you can make decisions if you are making large sales, whether you want to sign up for a monthly fee and pay only 1%.

Chec.io is very simple to use:

 Register your account and choose an appropriate name.

Upload a picture for your product. This is where I find that a photo works better as the images I have made for my products just won't upload. 

I must admit that getting a simple answer from support may take a few days. 

You then write a Title and description of your product that will entice your viewer to stay on the page.

You write the cost and, if it is a freebie, just write 0.

Then you upload your digital product. If it is more than one page, you will need to add a zip file by right-clicking and choosing “zip file”.

You will need to choose whether it is a once only download or available forever to your client.

It will ask you further down the page, if you want to add a Thank you page link. 

This is where you can send them to another page, blog post link, another freebie link, sales page (if you are an affiliate) or paid product link for one of your products.
Don't forget to Save.
After you Save, the link boxes will come up. You can choose to embed a HTML script on a landing page or post, or a URL link to use in your promotions.

If you have freebies set up, Chec.io will notify you by email so you must notify them in Settings that you wish to be notified.

In your data collection, the freebies will not show. Only paid products come up in the results. 

So you can go into each freebie, hover over the right side until Orders comes up to see your fulfilled orders or just wait for the email notification. 

Sharesale  to sell your products or become an affiliate.

Can I also store digital and physical products on Chec.io ?

You can also set up a storefront with physical and digital products with Chec.io.

Always check your file size as anything more than 25 Mb will need to be shared from your google.drive     Chec.io will say that it has been delivered.

Also, be sure to inform your client that an empty box will come up on the order form and they will have to fill out the name of the product they are wanting to download. 

Check that the process will go smoothly by checking each freebie's deliverability yourself!

Lastly, I think this is a good answer for some of you as the monthly fees of some other hosting platforms would eat into your profits in the beginning until you get more loyal customers. 

I have provided this post as a Marketing tip for you as all the monthly fees do add up and I think Chec.io is a good place to start. 

If you would like more marketing tips, subscribe to my blog.

For those on Blogger, it is a great alternative to asking your customers to wait for delivery.

I am not an affiliate for Chec.io.

Some Freebies for you!

How To Stay Motivated-10 StepsHow To Stay Motivated-10 Steps
                                                      The Ultimate Checklist for the Perfect Post

Frame them for your home or give them as gifts.

Click on this banner if you are interested in becoming an affiliate

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Monday, 21 January 2019

How to get more traffic using Vidicle

So how can you use Vidicle get more traffic to to your product or blog?

In writing this post, I am drawing upon my positive experience with Vidicle. 

I have a new computer as my old one crashed and I thought I had lost Vidicle but was overjoyed when I recently found it in a folder I managed to salvage before the GREAT CRASH!

I can now start using it again!

I am an affiliate for Vidicle and can wholeheartedly recommend it. 
Vidicle is a video making software that has recently been updated from the 2012 version. It can be used in various ways to help you repurpose content of many kinds.

Therefore, it opens new avenues for you to make money.

The designer of Vidicle wanted to design video software that was very affordable but, unlike cheaper video software, still delivers with the quality and ease of high-end video software. 

 Why can Vidicle help you get more traffic? 

It is common knowledge that video increases engagement substantially. Some say it has 85% more engagement-some say a little less (83%), some say a little more (87%).

However, the important point is that the engagement with video is substantially greater so why would you not use it to get more traffic?

Some marketers focus only on video marketing because of the higher rate of engagement. Blogging is too slow for them!

For some- it may just be daunting to create video while for others, it may be a matter of time they have to find alongside their other duties in the blogging or e-commerce world. 

If you can find an easy way to get so much more engagement that drives traffic, should you make a conscious decision to get on board? 

If it has a few easy steps that do not take any time at all to upload, and creates in very short time ( I have other software that can take 15-20 minutes to create but no so with Vidicle), should you consider it as a valuable marketing tool that is a once only payment?

The benefit is that you do not have to create new content- you are repurposing old content by cut/ pasting content, putting a space for a new page and then creating. Really, as simple as that!

You can choose to make a special first and end page, if you want. The program allows you to choose a background colour.

Vidicle repurposes your content into videos fast

What does Vidicle do?

Vidicle turns text into video with background images and music quickly and easily.

  • You can repurpose old articles.
  • You can create affiliate review videos
  • You can turn PLR articles into videos with reseller rights.
  • You can turn old courses and email sequences into video training courses.
  • You can turn written reviews into video offers and offer with resell rights.
Just think of all the work you have done that is just sitting there- you can now repurpose them and bring them back to life as a different product that becomes another revenue resource.

If you want to see how easy it is to make a video with Vidicle, there are 2 short videos on their Sales Page that shows you what to do. It is a good resource to help you make up your mind. 

For those of you who hate Sales pages, it is not long and busy. I find it quite informative and to the point. You can see it here.

More Benefits of Vidicle

It has a sensible,affordable price for everyone. A worthy investment!

It has no monthly or yearly subscription, and you get updates yearly.

I find the benefits, regarding engagement, more traffic, ease of creation, repurposing content and price makes Vidicle a no-brainer for those working online.

Years ago, my marketer friends told me to get into video and the thought of it was terrifying because of a previous experience when studying years ago. But now it's different as the software is designed with non-techy, busy people in mind.

If you want to upload it to youtube (why not???), the Vidicle Pro will automatically spit out a heap of relevant niche tags to help your video with ranking.

Have a look at the Sales page videos and I think you should seriously consider this option to get more traffic to content you have already created. 

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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Pinterest Tips-How to grow your following successfully without automation

I decided   to write a short post on Pinterest Tips-How to grow your following successfully without  automation for two reasons:

1. It works and you should always be ready to add another string to your bow. New or different strategies in blogging or online marketing are always valuable.

Pinterest also rewards manual pinning by putting more of your pins in the feed.

2. There are times when 'life happens' in unexpected ways and we need to look for different strategies. The accumulation of monthly fees, especially if something unexpected happens, is tough for some people. 

The monthly fees add up and some people need to make choices and a brief (or longer) stint away from automation tools may be necessary.  

It can also help newbies understand the power they have sharing other people's posts, outside automation tools, when working online.  

Your Pinterest Tips

It's difficult to pin  50-100  pins a day, spaced out at optimum times. if you are working out of the home, so you can:

1. Go into your home feed and pin from your feed throughout the day. You only need to pin 2 or 3 (as many times as you can afford timewise) times a day to notice your followers going up on a daily basis, at a good rate.

I pin about 5 pins each time, sometimes less and sometimes more. But I always get a good result with followers next day.

Make sure that some of these pins are not only from your followers, but in your niche. This is super important as you want to introduce new followers and not just get pinned by your followers.

Click on a pin that is from your niche and that will take the pin onto a new page and out of your feed. You can follow up by checking out who pinned the pin or find the origin of the pin next to the pin, at the top right. Go to the profile of that person and choose to follow all or some boards. Pin one of their pins from a board, as well.

You will see what keyword suggestions come up next to their boards, if they do not have a business account yet, and then make a better decision as to whether you would like them as a follower.

You would also get some 'love' if you pin others' pins to your group boards!

I usually have quite a few daily pins on Tailwind (75-100) and, believe me, if you're stuck and can't fund the automation, this method requires fewer pins to be pinned but will get you followers.

People like variety in their feed and they like to be pinned also!

2. Go into Tailwind.  If you have had an account as you can still use Tailwind Tribes to find good pins in your niche. You will not be able to put them into a queue but you can click on the url at the bottom of the pin.

See if you like the pin, then share it from their website to Pinterest. Then send them a note on Tailwind Tribes to tell them you shared their pin.

Hopefully, they will go into your pin feed on Tailwind Tribes and share one of your pins.

One thing I always do is send a 'thank you' to anyone who shares one of my pins from Tailwind Tribes and then I reciprocate. People will follow up with you down the track.

3. You can find lots of great tweets on Twitter so you can share these, as well, if they have a suitable Pinterest sized image. 

4. If you are in other bloggers groups, e.g. Facebook, share their posts, if they have a Pinterest pin. Or you could also share your pin here.

The power of pinning quality pins from other people will show in your follower rate. It is noticeable daily and a great reward for sharing from the Pinterest community.

Tailwind is great and has its purpose but it must be teamed with manual pinning also, for maximum effectiveness. 

When I first started blogging, the more experienced bloggers advocated the 80:20 rule to get followers-80 pins that belong to others in your niche, and 20 of your pins. 

So don't be discouraged if you have come upon 'tight financial times'- you can still move ahead on Pinterest! 

When you are ready to get Tailwind, you can join here and get your first month free.


If you would like to read more about Tailwind, you can read how to increase your reach using Tailwind here

Or if you would like to know which groups to join, click here

Marketing Hint: How to get more traffic. (see linking post)

You can repurpose your blog posts by turning them into videos and loading them to youtube. 

As I am not that techy, I have bought some video making software that is easy to use. 

I use Vidicle to repurpose my blog posts and the procedure is easy.

I copy the post, then cut it to a shorter version. 

Then, I add spaces after a set of text and each group of text or sentences becomes a page. I then add this to my uploaded backgrounds and my post has been repurposed.

It is ready for uploading to youtube.

If you are interested in this software, follow this link and it will explain other ways you can repurpose content.   VIDICLE: Repurpose your blog posts and get more traffic.

Vidicle- turns articles into video fast

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Monday, 10 December 2018

What Are Free Directory Submission Sites List?


What are free directory submission lists sites?

Directory submissions sites help you get more traffic to your site by creating links that help your SEO and ranking on search engines, such as Google. 

By adding your website url to the directories most relevant to your niche, you can get a great increase in traffic to your website. 

By getting more traffic to your website, and more backlinks, you are improving your SEO and improving your chance of being found in searches on search engines, such as Google. 

Where can I find free directory submissions sites?

I was browsing through Google SEO Trends, which has a lot of interesting articles and found this post  www.googleseotrends.com/free-directory-submission-sites-list/  This post contains an extensive list of free submission sites for you to investigate. 

It is highly informative and explains what directory submissions sites are, their importance to you, and it also has a step by step guide to help you submit your website and start getting backlinks.

There are 7 steps outlined that you need to follow and then submit your article. 

If you would like to read more about backlinks and how they affect your SEO,  you can find helpful information  here

Happy submitting!

Boss Girls Corner

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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Where Can I find Guest Posting Opportunities?

In this post, you will find where to find guest posting opportunities in your niche.

Why should you try guest posting as a blogger?

  1. It helps grow your brand and online presence.
  2. It helps to bring a steady flow of traffic to your website.
  3. It increases conversions.
  4. It helps get high-quality backlinks that help your website's Google ranking, and ultimately bringing you more traffic. 

How do I find these guest posting opportunities?

  1. Grow close connections in your blogger network with bloggers in the same niche. You can find blogger tribes on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Read Neil Patel's article https://neilpatel.com/blog/guide-to-guest-blogging/
  3. Do Google searches for blogs in your niche that accept guest posts, or keep an eye out for requests for guest bloggers on social media. 

Where can I find an easier way of finding guest posting opportunities?

I would like to share an opportunity that I have discovered through connections with other bloggers, and reading and finding links to valuable sources on their posts.

Big Guest Posting has 50,000 websites that are seeking guest posts from bloggers, marketers etc.

How does Big Guest Posting work?

It has high quality, niche related websites in its repertoire.

It gives you the key metrics of the website's Moz Domain authority and the social reach on the major channels, such as Twitter and Facebook,  to enable you to make a decision as to whether it is a good fit for your post and niche.

Their filter searches will save you a lot of time doing manual searches. 

See how simple using Big Guest Posting is:

1. Enter the home page.

Enter the details in the boxes and Enter details.

You would not usually put a domain authority of 90 as that is very high but the results were interesting.

How to start a search filter for websites on Big Guest Posting

2. It will bring up all the guest posting opportunities in your niche, which you can further filter.
This is a table of results after a search filter for websites with guest posting opportunities

If you are interested in Guest Posting opportunities, you can enter here - it is free.

The site owner is benefiting financially or otherwise through links or images you click on this site.

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Accessories for Business OwnersAccessories for Business OwnersAccessories for Business Owners

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Helping Others with Free Marketing Tips and Tools Resource Page

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I have compiled a page of tips and free tools that you can use online. I can help others in reaching...