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How to get more traffic using Vidicle

So how can you use Vidicle get more traffic to to your product or blog? In writing this post, I am drawing upon my positive experience with Vidicle.  I am an affiliate for Vidicle and can wholeheartedly recommend it.  Vidicle is a video making software that has recently been updated from the 2012 version. It can be used in various ways to help you repurpose content of many kinds. Therefore, it opens new avenues for you to make money. The designer of Vidicle wanted to design video software that was very affordable but, unlike cheaper video software, still delivers with the quality and ease of high-end video software.    Why can Vidicle help you get more traffic?  It is common knowledge that video increases engagement substantially.  Some say it has 85% more engagement-some say a little less (83%), some say a little more (87%). However, the important point is that the engagement with video is substantially greater so why would you not use it to get more

Pinterest Tips-How to grow your following successfully without automation

</a> I decided   to write a short post on Pinterest Tips-How to grow your following successfully without  automation for two reasons: 1. It works and you should always be ready to add another string to your bow. New or different strategies in blogging or online marketing are always valuable. Pinterest also rewards manual pinning by putting more of your pins in the feed. 2. There are times when 'life happens' in unexpected ways and we need to look for different strategies. The accumulation of monthly fees, especially if something unexpected happens, is tough for some people.  The monthly fees add up and some people need to make choices and a brief (or longer) stint away from automation tools may be necessary.   It can also help newbies understand the power they have sharing other people's posts, outside automation tools, when working online.   Your Pinterest Tips It's difficult to pin  50-100  pins a day, spaced out at optimum times. if