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How to Increase Your Reach in Pinterest using Tailwind.

So many bloggers and marketers work hard on various social media platforms to increase their reach only to see their reach plummet at the beginning of each week (Facebook) or have algorithm challenges to contend with. Pinterest is the preferred platform for many bloggers and marketers because of the long life of pins and it now allows affiliate marketers to have affiliate pins. However, it is a huge platform that serves millions worldwide so you have to be active daily to get seen. You don't want to be the needle in the haystack so if you are pinning manually for hours daily, this post may help you pin more efficiently. 
Why I set my sails with Tailwind.

My Experience with Tailwind

I was pinning manually daily but, as my workload increased in my day job, it became impossible and I didn't want to be penalised by Pinterest for missing a day. Many bloggers say that you have to pin at least 50 pins a day and spread the pins throughout the day so you can see that it requires a lot of time and dedication. So I joined Tailwind and have not looked back. 

Tailwind is a great name for this tools as it accelerates your reach, just as if you were using the power of a tailwind in a yacht. This tool freed my day from hours of manual pinning and, with the added benefit of Tailwind Tribes, I watched my reach accelerate unlike anything I have seen on social media. To get the reach I am getting on Tailwind, I would have to be paying quite a bit of money on Facebook and Twitter, with no guarantees of conversions or a reach that will continue in the following week. 

In my first month of using Tailwind, I received notification that my reach with the tribes was 1.1 million, and now in Week 7, it has escalated to 3.1 million.

My first month with Tailwind-analytics.

My fifth week with Tailwind-analytics.

My seventh week with Tailwind-analytics.
Tailwind statistics

 As you can see, shares, repins and reach have been steadily increasing. 

Prior to using Tailwind, I was pinning manually and constantly going back and forth on my laptop to pin at different times of the day and trying to pin at least 50 times a day. This was quite a laborious process as there are a lot of other things to do when you are a blogger!

If I didn't pin as regularly, I would see a decline in visits to my blog.  Now, I can write a post or go out socially without worrying about pinning.  The ultimate way to increase your Pinterest reach is to join Pinterest Group boards together with Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes - a powerful combination.

Tailwind Smart Scheduler tells you when your audience is watching

So What Exactly is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduling tool.

What it includes:

  1. Scheduled time slots based on when your audience is most active, using the Smart Scheduler. 
  2. High quality, industry driven analytics to help you track your success.
  3. Customer team on hand for questions.
  4. Videos to help you.
  5. Chat with others in Tribes.
  6. My favourite=>Pin Inspector, which shows your pins' popularity and makes repining to your schedule or Tribes easy.
  7. 1,000 pins per month or limitless if you pay a year in advance PLUS 4 months free.
  8. A month free each time you invite someone to trial Tailwind.
  9. Tailwind Tribes-what can I say? Phenomenal!

What Tailwind does for you:

  1. Creates new boards for you.
  2. Alerts you when your pin or board is not optimised.
  3. Sees users public data ie. followers, following, profiles, boards, etc.
  4. Creates new pins for you.
  5. Access your follows and followers.
  6. Follows things for you.
  7. Sees all your boards, including your group boards. You can see which boards are successful.
  8. Gets your websites most pinned pins to see what people are saving.
  9. Sees all your pins and comments.

Tailwind Benefits:

  1. You can maintain consistent pinning on a daily basis. This is important as Pinterest penalises you for a missed day.
  2. You can batch schedule pins at optimal times.
  3. You expand your reach with Tailwind Tribes as you help each other to expand your reach. Personally, I have found that the more I pin others' pins, the quicker my reach increases. 
  4. You can pin to multiple boards in Pinterest by using the 'Set Interval' button. You can choose any time interval to pin the same pin to multiple boards, without flooding your followers' feeds.
  5. You can shuffle to cue the pins on your schedule so you don't SPAM your followers' feed with identical pins.
  6. Tailwind audits your repins for duplicates and broken or missing source links and gives you alerts.

Recap of Tailwind:

1.Do you only want to pin once a week?
2.Do you want to pin at optimal times ie. when your audience is watching?
3.Do you want your Pinterest reach and engagement to steadily increase throughout the month?

There is an exponential effect with your pins as they get shared and repinned over the months, giving your pins a much greater audience as the year passes. I am excited each week to see my shares, repins and reach growing and I am now starting to pin to Tribes
more than once a day. I am curious to see how my reshares and reach increase next week with pinning two or three times a day this past week. 

So how about it?  You can get a free trial month now and see if it works for you. 
No credit card required. Try the Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler .  Get your free trial here.

Sign up below for this freebie.  

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