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How To Increase Your Reach in Pinterest using Tailwind

How to Increase Your Reach in Pinterest using Tailwind. So many bloggers and marketers work hard on various social media platforms to increase their reach only to see their reach plummet at the beginning of each week (Facebook) or have algorithm challenges to contend with.  Pinterest is the preferred platform for many bloggers and marketers because of the long life of pins and it now allows affiliate marketers to have affiliate pins. However, it is a huge platform that serves millions worldwide so you have to be active daily to get seen.  You don't want to be the needle in the haystack so if you are pinning manually for hours daily, this post may help you pin more efficiently.  My Experience with Tailwind I was pinning manually daily but, as my workload increased in my day job, it became impossible and I didn't want to be penalised by Pinterest for missing a day.  Many bloggers say that you have to pin at least 50 pins a day and spread the pins t