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Where Can You Get Online Courses in Any Niche?

It is good to know where you can get online courses-in any niche-so you develop your expertise in a particular area you want to focus on, or feel your knowledge needs more development.

It is important that fellow bloggers, marketers and customers feel that your expertise is worthy of a 'follow' and their email address. At high school, we probably did not study what we are now working at, so it is learning 'on the run' as we do our business.

 I remember the countless hours I spent on lo-o-o-o-o-o-ng webinars when I started blogging-from ANYBODY who reached my inbox-until I started to 'cull' people and emails as I recognised who were experts in their field and genuinely gave a lot of value, without constantly hitting my email box with medium and high priced offers.

I also culled those so-called 'high profile marketers' who took 20 minutes to introduce themselves, gave some short snippets of value, followed by 30-45 minutes selling their latest offer. Personally, I feel cheated if I get an invite to learn a skill, and I sit listening to sales talk for that amount of time. What about you? 

Also, I will not continue my learning with those people who are making headway but become arrogant and refer to others as 'tyre-kickers'. A seemingly successful couple on Twitter did this and I removed them from my list. What sort of learning are they offering? Are they seeing everyone as  $$$ only? Not a nice feeling! And you don't want to feel bad because you are not accepting all their offers.

So where do I find avenues for online learning that will grow my expertise in my niche?

Facebook for Online Courses Opportunities

I find Facebook is great for learning because of the posts and the interaction you get when joining groups. Get into groups related to your niche and you will soon find people who can help you or who you can help. You will also get to see their 'pain' points and what sort of information and products they are buying. You get to a point where you may not think you are an expert but, in taking part in these groups, you actually find that you know more than some people and realise the strengths and skills that you have developed.

You can ask questions, show your expertise, and follow people who you think are helpful and know their 'stuff'. You will also get links to their other social media which is another learning experience as your circle of expertise widens. I have learnt so much from reading their posts and sharing their posts of value to my social media.

Often, you can get into some great courses that may be offered as freebies or little money. You will get into a Sales funnel so expect to receive follow up emails. Choose freebies from those you like and connect with, to avoid email overwhelm.

I have one marketer who emails me daily with great value emails and has a Facebook page. He teaches using youtube and each video is 7-13 minutes, which is value packed. With so much to do, I love his short training videos- no waffling on, just good information.  You can follow Ike Paz and Internet Marketing Gym on youtube. His latest short tutorial on how to display your printables is here

Blogger Groups for Online Courses.

I joined quite a few blogger groups to learn and grow community and here is the good and the ugly:

a) admins who have little experience and few followers on social media so mismanage their groups through inexperience, by not following up on problems in the group.

b) bloggers who 'drop and run' - although a blogger whose post you support does not have to return a courtesy to you, you get to know those bloggers who NEVER return a favour, even if you are in the same niche.

Some days, there will be hundreds of bloggers dropping their links under a post so yours hasn't got a hope in hell of getting shared! So choose a group where the numbers are manageable and you can get to know others, and have a fair chance of getting some shares.

c) no replies to questions

d) you interact with some lovely bloggers who you then follow on other social media

e) you get your posts shared and comments on your post, which adds to your credibility.

f) you get access to great freebies=> online courses! Online courses are always scattered throughout the posts.

g) you can ask for interested bloggers to work in with e.g. guest posting, group boards on Pinterest etc.

Try the groups out, then 'cull' and keep the ones working for you. Avoid 'overwhelm' which is important with all the jobs you have to do as a blogger or marketer.

I did have one word of warning from an experienced blogger who does not participate in  Facebook blogger groups as getting likes from those who will not ultimately follow you (especially if the likes come from those not in your niche) as will work against your social reach (Facebook algorithms). This is just a snippet of information I have retained so his advice was to make sure you link up and get likes from those blogers who have the same interest as you. He did not like the blogger groups where everyone had to support every blogger under the post by sharing or commenting as this sends your reach to uninterested audiences.

Twitter for Online Course Opportunities

I love Twitter as you can get access to great online courses from bloggers and marketers. I will usually save them to my relevant Facebook pages or Pinterest. Type your niches' names into your Search Bar, find people, then go into their Followers and see what they offer.

Check your feed daily for online courses from marketers and bloggers in your niche. Don't forget to retweet them as a courtesy.

Pinterest for Online Courses Opportunities 

A great place to see online courses is in your daily feed on Pinterest and you can them save them to relevant boards, in a manner in which they will not get lost in Pin overhelm! Devote a board where you know they won't get flooded by other pins. You can try out the free courses, then see if you like the product or the person before you start paying for more courses. I have a board devoted to freebies so I always know where they are.

E-Uni for 24/7 access

E-Uni for Online Courses Opportunities <click here

I have joined up with E-Uni because, although I have those bloggers and marketers I trust, I wanted to have fingertip access to courses, without my Inbox becoming deluged with emails with more offers. It's great to log in and look around and it has also given me ideas on courses I can design in the future.

You can increase your knowledge and skills in areas you want, and when the course is completed, you get a Certificate that can be used in your resume or on your blogs.

Each course has a preview that covers what you will be studying, the hours needed to complete the course, and the cost. The great thing is that you can take a sample lesson which previews the syllabus of the course you have chosen. I have included an example of a typical course and price at the end of this post and, as you will see, the topics covered attest to a great course to buy into.

Firstly, there are over 900 online courses in the following niches:

E-Business and Marketing
Employment and Jobs
Business and Investing
Computers and Internet
Cooking and Food
Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, and Beauty
Parenting and Family

There is a free article directory and THREERRR, which is a space like Fiverr, where you can hire people to do things for you.

There is also a Freebie page where you can follow channels in lots of different niches-so free education. I checked out the Bitcoin, dating, technology and parenting channels.

I will give you an overview of a course I am registering in a few weeks time. I was astounded when I saw the material the course will be covering, and at such little cost.

Click> Online Course: Earn $2,000+ monthly using Autopilot Marketing Systems.

15 Lessons at $17   

 Some other courses on E-Uni I have earmarked are:

*Strike Gold with Resale Rights

*How To Build  Effective Sales Funnels

*How To Make Massive profits using Youtube

*Internet marketing- copywriting Simplified

*Top 10 Ways to Make Money Blogging

*Start A Successful Membership Site.

If you like the sound of E-Uni, click here

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