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What is Videze?


What is Videze?

What Is VIDEZE video software? Your

 Questions Answered.

Find out why Videze video software is superior to other video software and why you should be considering it as part of your marketing strategy.

Video does have a higher engagement rate than other marketing strategies so it is wise to consider investing in some form of video software. Because of the higher engagement rate, it has the potential to grow at a very rapid rate, as well. This is good news for your product, service, or blog.

It is important if you are considering a Commercial Licence, where you make videos for others, or if you want to make money by applying to have Youtube Ads on your video.

I have bought Videze and find it is simply a matter of choosing the type of template you want, customising it with your images, logo and text, and then rendering! You can choose whether you use their images (mainly pixabay when I was trialing it) or you can use your own.

I know how much intros cost and this software will cost you less than the quotes I saw for some intros. I have made some videos and looked into paying someone to make an intro for me but decided against it when I got the quotes.

The statistics say that information gained from a video has an 85% retention rate. So what better way to promote your business or blog. Personally, I follow a youtuber and, no matter how tired I am, I can always make time to listen to his short, informative videos compared to the effort of reading when I know I can't concentrate on the written word.

I have bought 2 other video software packages that I have used and I am happy with both- one uploads my canva images into a video format while the other software converts my posts into video format. However, each software package performs one type of action so I find that, in the long run, the price of Videze is more economical while the production is also faster.

How can you grab the attention of your visitors with 85% more success?

What Videze can do for you- the list of its features

Complete All-In-One Video Software Suite-so you never have to buy video software again.

Creates Cinematic Animated Videos in 3 easy steps

-select template

Customise-add your own logo, text, imagery or colour in seconds.

You have access to a broad range of templates.
-animated logos
-lower thirds
-3D live-action videos
-whiteboard and explainer videos
-kinetic typography videos
-slideshow and promotional videos + more....
No experience or technical skills required.
100% Mobile responsive.
You can watermark your videos to protect your brand.
World class templates suit different niches and businesses.
Extensive photo library.
Commercial licence available.
Audio to accompany video templates.
Support and training.

Bring readers and customers to you with ease.


Check it out here-click 

How to promote using videze ->To read more about how to drive traffic successfully to your post or product using Videze, read my following post.

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I am an affiliate for this product and have purchased this product. I have written this post in good faith as I can see its value to bloggers and marketers.

Below is an example of one type of video I made using a Videze template. 

Did you know that you can earn cash back for making purchases?


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