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What is Videze?

  What Is VIDEZE video software? Your  Questions Answered By a Fan. In this post, you will f ind out why Videze video software is superior to other video software and why you should be considering it as part of your marketing strategy. I know, from personal experience on social media, that I will click on an image that has the video icon so it is total believable that v ideo does have a higher engagement rate than other marketing strategies so it is wise to consider investing in some form of video software.  Because of the higher engagement rate, it has the potential to grow at a very rapid rate, as well. This is good news for your product, service, or blog.  Before purchasing Videze, I had purchased Vidcurator and Vidicle, both of which are easy to use so very tech friendly. They each serve a specific purpose wherein you have a backing image and overlay it with text and/or images or repurpose blog posts easily. However, each software package performs