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The Easiest Way To Make Money With Amazon

The easiest way to make money with Amazon

The easiest way to make money on amazon-avoid the pitfalls and do what successful marketers do

Did you know the easiest way to make money on Amazon?

I'm actually going to tell you how you can make money by leveraging Amazon and its amazing traffic rather than directing you to be an independent supplier and shopowner on Amazon.

There are those who do make good money with FBA, dropshipping, print on demand products, and other methods connected to Amazon.

But the reality is that Amazon is really a logistical nightmare for a newbie.

 If I can show you how you can make the same profits as a storeowner but without the headaches of looking for and adding new products, dropshipping tasks, monthly costs, taking money, customer service, deliveries, price wars, refunds, long hours, you may like to continue reading this post.

There is a lot of organisation involved in building a store on Amazon and, for most people, there is not a lot of money to be made.

 For instance, you may be required to buy in bulk to satisfy customers' orders promptly and have good reviews. 

What happens to the bulk products that you don't sell?

Competition is fierce. How many people are buying and selling there?

You will find that those who are very successful ie. the 'big boys' on Amazon, can afford to sell at better rates and will drown you out of the scene. 

This is an actual fact! They will lose money in the short term to kill any competition.

You do have to spend a lot of money on Amazon to make money on Amazon.

If your average profit market is 10%, the following example will guide you to your expected profits:

-If you sell $37,000 worth of products, you will get a $3,700 profit after spending $33,000 on your store and related costs. 

-So, if you want to make $1,000 a month, you will have to spend $10,000.

After 10 months, you will make 10,000 and then you need to reinvest some of that profit for the next month.

To make it big on Amazon, you need a big cash flow for 6-9 months before you actually get cash flow and profit. 

So it can take many months to turn any profit and then it needs to be reinvested. 

Consistent good reviews and management of your business may get you to the top when Amazon shows your products to customers in their searches.

 Otherwise, you may end up hundreds, if not thousands, of pages down the line. 

But it takes a lot of work and marketing strategies and advertising to get enough customers to see your products if you are relying on Amazon alone to show your products or store. 

I toyed with the idea of a shop for a very long time and did training in dropshipping, print on demand products and with other marketers, as well.

I found that there were too many negatives.

A good way to make a profit on Amazon was to get cheap products from suppliers, listed in dropshipping directories and put a large profit margin on these products. 

I had to contact the suppliers but found out that if I did not have huge orders, then a competitor on Amazon only had to ring the supplier who then mysteriously could not provide you with the desired product. 

I also did the right thing and ordered many products for myself that looked great in photos but were very poor quality.

So that ruled out using these suppliers for dropshipping or an Amazon store.

How and why can you still benefit from Amazon without having your own store?

There is a better way to make a profit on Amazon.

It's using the Affiliate Model. 

The affiliate sends traffic and customers to existing stores and then the vendor pays you usually around 10% for your service. 

You don't have to buy any products, ship orders, collect money, do refunds........ and spend endless hours working on your store. 

The logistical stuff- what if you're stuck with many unsold products?

It just makes more sense to become an affiliate.

There are 

-fewer headaches

-no upfront fees

-no aggressive competition with the big money boys freezing you out

-no left-over stock

-you get the same commission as their profit margin
-no long hours looking for products, ordering, creating products, customer service, shipping, refunds.

I went to the affiliate model but found there was a better, more sustainable way to do it to grow a successful business. 

I have read negative reviews on Affiliate Marketing.

I now understand their pain as they were chasing their tails doing it the wrong way.

There is a right way to do it but it's not intuitive. 

It comes from learning, doing training, listening to others who have a proven strategy for building a business online. 

I learnt that the best way to be successful with affiliate marketing is to follow those who have been successful in this type of online marketing.

They have learnt from their mistakes and have proven strategies to build a successful affiliate business.

They have not become highly successful by promoting random products for 7-10%. 

It really depends on your goals and how big you want to grow. 

If you are an affiliate marketer promoting some products in your niche and only looking for a side hustle for smaller commissions, then that's fine- your goals define what you will do in the long run.

If affiliate marketing is your proven strategy to build a big business with higher profit margins, then step by step training is important. 

 If you wish to promote a group of products for around 50% commissions,  get access to highly desirable lead magnets (freebies) and get the right training from a mentor with proven experience and a good name online, then you can see what I now do here.

If you do it the right way, people will buy from you because it just makes sense to buy the products you are promoting. 

They (the products) are connected and support each other.

This is where your mentor will guide you to a range of products that go together logically. 

My mentor is very generous and has eighteen already built sales funnels for me to use. I just have to add my links. 

The great thing about these funnels is that they can be customised, if you wish to add your own link to a product you are promoting too.

If you are interested in hearing more about it, you can listen to this short video here.

To get your free report The Most Profitable Method Online  click here  

I am an affiliate for Anthony Morrison and am part of his Partner With Me training (PWA) which is an 'earn while you learn' program.  If you join his monthly training sessions or buy any product or software at a later date, I will receive a commission. I can wholeheartedly verify his step by step training and total dedication to his students. 

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