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Is Your Website Easy To Use?

You need to know how easy your website is to use because the easier it is to use, the more subscribers and sales you will get. Do this quiz and find out how your site measures up, and how you can improve it. The quiz covers the basics any website needs to have in order to function effectively. Here you go-time to do the quiz.! The quiz Well, how did you go? Was there something you need to do to get your website user-friendly? Hope you enjoyed this fun quiz! If you did, share it or leave a  comment below. Don't forget to visit my FREE TOOLS page- no subscription needed. Just bookmark the page and visit whenever you want! Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner

How to deliver an opt-in offer the easy way?

  Do you want to know how to deliver an opt-in offer the easy way? Which hosting platform can I use to get started to delivering my opt-in offers? When I started making printables and freebies, I was looking for a host to deliver the freebies for my opt-ins.  I came across a delivery platform that may help you with your deliveries.  I am currently using and you can deliver your freebies free of any charges. You can store single items ready for delivery or you can have a store with related items. It won't be fancy-very plain, but it is easy to use for delivering the downloads. They charge you once you have made $200 in purchases.  So you can use it for free for products that bring you an income until you reach the $200 threshold.  They will charge you 3% of your takings (one of my platforms charges 90%!!!).  Then you can make decisions if you are making large sales, whether you want to sign up for a monthly fee and pay only 1%. Che