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How to make your blog post SEO perfect.

 Do you want to know how to make your blog post SEO perfect and help it rank on Google? Get your checklist  here var gr_goal_params = { param_0 : '', param_1 : '', param_2 : '', param_3 : '', param_4 : '', param_5 : '' }; /> Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner

Free Logo Maker

Do you want a free logo maker to create custom logo designs? You can do this easily at and download your designs free! There are monthly plans but, as long as you do attribution, you can download as many as you want for free. Attribution is simple- just share their link on one of your social channels, and that's it. I enjoy using it as it is very creative and reminds me of Canva to some degree. It is very easy to use and you can make your designs in a very short time. I enjoy creative designing so it was a lot of fun for me, as I tried different templates, colours, lettering styles, shapes, and icons. Features: 1. Icons-the most popular icons are listed, e.g. youtube, Facebook, heart, football, etc. There is a search bar for you to use, for other icons you may need. 2. Text-You add your Logo name and motto. With the fonts, you have a choice between Classic and Art fonts and you just click on the ones you want to view and change until you find the one th