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The Ultimate Checklist for the Perfect Post

The Ultimate Checklist for the Perfect Post.                                                  Subscribe to Hot Marketing Tips and Tools here.    I decided to write  The Ultimate Checklist for the Perfect Post as I wanted to share my learning and the posts from other bloggers, especially on Pinterest, have been invaluable. There is always a tidbit of information that is a real gem and shows that many brains found in one place are an invaluable goldmine. The lifeblood of blogging is your posts so it is essential that you get it right! Here is your list to make sure your post has all the essential elements in it: Your title (h1)   It should have a keyword or phrase associated with your niche. It answers a question or a need in that niche, in order to gain the attention of the reader .  Always try to include it in your first sentence and throughout your post, in a natural way. Keyword research It is important that you do your keyword research befo